Continuous Product Delivery

Continuous Product Delivery

The Continuous Product Delivery Methodology can be used in conjunction with the Cloud Reference Architecture to provide an organization with the building blocks for creating a durable delivery capability that accelerates innovation while reducing risk and optimizing costs.

The Continuous Product Delivery Methodology combines Lean Execution concepts, Kanban, select Agile Practices, and a Continuous Software Delivery Pipeline.

Enabling our clients to adopt a Continuous Product Delivery Methodology successfully means addressing the following questions among others:

  • How do you apply Lean concepts such as Customer Driven Development, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and Validated Learning to ensure that you are building products and features that are fit to market?
  • How adopting Kanban concepts such as Workflow Visualization, WiP Limits, Feedback Loops, Continuous Process Improvement, and SLA Driven Development can increase development throughput, reduce waste and improve quality?
  • What is the right Team Organization and Team Level Practices to deliver high quality software frequently and predictably?
  • What are effective approaches to manage the product backlog and delivery planning at the enterprise, product and feature levels?
  • How to implement an effective Product Delivery Pipeline that encompasses Continuous Development, Deployment, Testing, and Monitoring?
  • Techniques for Release Management: Dark Launch, Feature Flipping, and decoupling Software Deployment from Marketing Releases?
  • What are the Tools to be used in support of the methodology?
  • How to make the transition: Organizational Evolution, Capacity Development, and Change Management?

Dante is focused on enabling clients to build a durable continuous delivery capability that accelerates innovation. This is achieved through a combination of sound strategy, insights about the benefits and pitfalls of various architecture paradigms and development approaches, and executable know-how that can be transferred to our clients. Engage Dante to help you make the transition.