Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud Migration Strategy

Innovation at an accelerated pace is a necessary capability for most organizations to continue to thrive. Organizations today are faced with constant customer demands that need to be met in a timely and cost effective manner. While some are driven by opportunities for new products and services, others have to deal with competitive pressures or maintaining relevance in a highly fluid customer environment.

Many well-established organizations have to meet these demands against a backdrop that involves major investments in existing infrastructure and applications that cannot be simply replaced. This is especially critical since, in many cases, these investments are in products that are successful, generate significant revenues, and serve the needs of millions of customers.

Adapt & ExtendTM

Adopting a Cloud Native Architecture can be a great catalyst for innovation at an accelerated pace. However, this does not necessarily mean that an organization has to migrate all its applications to this new architecture in one effort. Instead, this journey needs to be undertaken in a manner that mitigates risk, maximizes leverage of existing investments, and delivers incremental business value effectively.

In this approach, the path to accelerated innovation does not require you to rip and replace your existing infrastructure and applications, but could rather take other forms that Adapt and ExtendTM the existing applications.

Business Driven Roadmap

Using a Business Driven Roadmap when deciding what efforts are prioritized for Cloud adoption mitigates risk by ensuring that all investments in the effort have a business value that can be demonstrated. The business priorities may involve new product ideas, improving the Customer experience, solving an operational pain, or reducing operational cost. Regardless of which of these scenarios apply, a prioritization of these efforts in the context of an incremental delivery roadmap ensures that course corrections can take place without major investments.

Retooling Team Skills

One of the biggest challenges to adopting Cloud Native Architecture is the fact that it requires a totally different approach to system architecture. This may require an investment in learning the new skills or hiring developers that have the skills. However, given the fact that these skills represent the future of computing, it should generate interest from many developers to learn. In addition, the incremental delivery roadmap should enable you to build a core team that can then become the seed team for launching multiple teams with these skills. Dante has an excellent track record of using a Seed & Split approach to growing the team capabilities over time.

Our expertise in Cloud Migration Strategy is rooted in many years of experience that span Lift & Shift, Cloud Optimized and Cloud Native architectures. Engage Dante to leverage our unique combination of strategy, insights and executable know-how to mitigate the risks and reduce the costs of migrating to the cloud.