Your Journey to the Cloud Begins With Dante

Leveraging Cloud Architecture can accelerate innovation by reducing the time and cost it takes to develop new capabilities and operate at Web scale. However, to leverage the cloud effectively, an organization must think differently about the manner in which it develops, deploys and operates software.

While Cloud vendors such as Amazon and Microsoft provide a wide range of great capabilities, the manner in which these capabilities are used by an organization can have a significant impact on the risk factors, agility, and cost of leveraging Cloud architecture.

Organizations using AWS or Azure may use the capabilities to operate in a Lift & Shift, Cloud Optimized, or Cloud Native manner. The table below summarizes the characteristics of each approach.



Most organizations that move to the cloud start by transplanting the practices that they employ in their data centers to the cloud. This is often referred to as a Lift & Shift, Cloud Hosted, or Data Center Transplant strategy. This, however, is a bad practice that is not conducive to success. Our experience has shown that this approach leads to higher TCO: between 200% - 400% higher monthly spending than necessary for development and production.

To truly achieve the full benefits of the cloud, an organization must employ a very different approach that starts with embracing 100% Software Defined Infrastructure, liberating Cloud Native Architecture, and ultimately achieving a Continuous Deployment paradigm that decouples software deployments from feature releases to Customers.

This approach has a potential to reduce risk, shorten time-to-market, and reduce costs by close to 90% while improving software quality, security, and compliance.