Product Centric Platform

At the core of every organization is a set of value propositions that it delivers to its customers. These value propositions manifest in a variety of products, services, and offers that the organization brings to its customers through one or more channels and customer relationship models.

However, most organizations tend to be structured along functional lines wherein each department is focused on a particular application within a business process, a particular product, or a particular channel. This organization is mirrored in the way its software systems are structured. This is referred to as Conway’s Law: “Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure.”

A Product Centric Platform streamlines the introduction and management of products, services and offers in an enterprise by creating a comprehensive product model that provides a common vocabulary for product specification in the enterprise and drives behavior across all customer facing channels in a consistent manner. More importantly, it changes the focus of the enterprise from delivering projects and applications to creating and evolving its value propositions in response to market conditions at an accelerated pace: delivering business value in days and weeks instead of months.

Leveraging this approach, Dante has successfully delivered omni-channel customer engagement solutions, payment processing services, loyalty solutions, and global consumer offer management in 90 – 120 days. Our approach has also enabled the evolution of these solutions by introducing new features in 3 – 6 weeks and new offers in a matter of days.