Lean Execution Model

The foundation of the Dante delivery philosophy is a lean execution model that provides for achieving high business value in a relatively short time frame. This model allows our clients to iterate on the delivery of their products to market by incrementally designing features, delivering them to market, measuring customer response and responding to customer feedback.

This approach is at the core of the success of many startups and well-established businesses as they try to evolve their business ideas to product/market fit.

While many organizations adopt Agile methods to accelerate software delivery, many do not achieve the desired results because these efforts usually devolve into a mini-waterfall process. This results in productivity losses of as much as 70%! In addition, many make the mistake of assuming that Agile methods require less planning. In reality Agile requires a different approach to planning to address execution at the enterprise roadmap, release, and feature levels. We refer to this as the three levels of planning and it is essential to ensure the scalability of Agile development across the enterprise.

At Dante we have been leveraging Agile methods since 2006 to accelerate software delivery. Over the years, we have evolved our approach to incorporate Lean and continuous delivery concepts into the development process allowing us to accelerate innovation, introduce new products and features into production at a much faster, more consistent, and sustainable pace. Through our own evolution we have been able to achieve a more than double productivity improvement.

Our Lean Execution Model drives organizational transformation to break the barriers between the various groups involved in software development, delivery and operation. This model combined with a continuous Product Delivery pipeline is at the core of accelerating innovation. It enables releasing high quality, incremental changes quickly, learning fast, and repeating that process which leads to getting more products and services to your consumer at a cost savings, while allowing you to respond to the ever changing landscape of your consumers needs in a way that fosters customer loyalty.